Wednesday, November 03, 2004

More on Don Mills vs. Vaughan Mills

A pattern is emerging. I have become an elections junkie, and similar to our provincial, federal and municipal elections over the past year or so, I followed the U.S. election a fair amount — for ours, it was the daily SES tracking polls; for the American election, I became addicted to the daily update from (Check out how its traffic spiked as the election began to approach — clearly I wasn't the only junkie!) Also similarly, I am definitely feeling election-ed out (surprisingly quickly). During our federal election I became a regular reader of Paul Wells' blog but have since returned to it perhaps once or twice. I can sense that feeling already here this time.

Now that it's over, hopefully posting here will increase. To get started, here's a link to an article by Stephen Wickens from Saturday's Globe and Mail, an article that is related to a couple of subjects I've written about lately: Don Mills and Vaughan Mills. Stephen starts out simply looking at Vaughan Mills from a pro ("shopper-tainment"??) vs. con ("sprawl") perspective. What I particularly appreciate is that he then brings up Don Mills as an example of what could be. He got a quote from Anne Morash, an official at Cadillac Fairview (operators of Don Mills Centre and other GTA malls such as the Eaton Centre, Fairview Mall, and Sherway Gardens):

"We gained inspiration from Bloor West Village, from Bayview south of
Eglinton. Those are valuable neighbourhoods because everything is
there. More and more, people want to be able to do things without having
to get into their cars."

Hopeful words indeed...


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