Tuesday, February 17, 2004


Saw part of the end of the East Coast Music Awards on the CBC Sunday night. Although I enjoyed many of the live performances I heard (and the memories of my four years out in New Brunswick), there was something else that struck me in particular this year.

What a marketing coup!

This year's show introduced me to a couple of bands/artists that I'd be interested in at least hearing more of: Crush (who won 5 awards), and Matt Mays (newcomer of the year). Unlike performers on the Junos, who typically are by artists reasonably well-known across English Canada, I had never heard of these two artists before. Speaking of lesser-known but decent artists from the east coast, I remind myself that Chris Colepaugh is playing in Toronto Thursday night, at the Rivoli -- hope to get out to see him and his band. (Of course, before then, another show featuring Spookyhorse on Wednesday, at the B-Side.)

The other marketing genius behind the ECMA's: the music gets you thinking and waxing sentimental about the east coast and the laid-back lifestyle -- then the ads for Tourism Nova Scotia draws you in -- and those ads in turn are sponsored by Keith's. For some reason I found that to be a powerful combination. Or maybe I just want to go back there...


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