Tuesday, January 20, 2004

Make Your Mondays


The Armchair Garbageman reminds me that I missed Episode 2 of Rick Mercer's Monday Report on CBC tonight.

I guess CBC needs to increase the advertising budget for their New Monday Night Prime-Time Blowout Special Lineup to remind me to watch. Of course, any more advertising for it than there already is, would probably have to entail them sending a guy over to my apartment to hit me over the head with a rubber mallet.

I did enjoy it last week, even if it did come across a bit too heavily at times, and from Armchair's description, I probably would have enjoyed it this week as well. He expresses concern about what will happen if the American right wing catches onto some of the gags pulled at W.'s expense. My first reaction to that is to say that Mercer is nothing if not universally ruthless; this week it may be a George Bush doll with assless chaps, but last week it "What would Jack Layton look like as a gay porn star?" He targeted both Gore and Bush for his "Talking To Americans" segment back in the run-up to the 2000 election (it was Bush that gave him the gem he was looking for, though).

I do see, though, that it takes one e-mail to start circulating. I remember seeing another bit on This Hour Has 22 Minutes, an "apology to Americans" done by Colin Mochrie, and thinking it was hilarious; a few months later, I see it's made an appearance as a bit of urban legend (apparently attributed to Mercer).

Canadians do seem to spend a lot of time and energy complaining that our neighbours to the south don't notice us — that desire for attention is what made Mercer's "Talking To Americans" segments such a hit (a spinning-off, re-running, re-running, re-running to death hit). I think it must be part of our psyche, along with the love/hate relationship with Toronto (which Mercer touched upon last week). Let's see if this week's Monday Report turns into "They only notice us when we don't want them to!".

(As an aside, I quite enjoy the show's webpage. As a traditionalist, I very much enjoy how they've set up an electronic medium to emulate a print medium.)


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