Friday, January 16, 2004

It's frickin' cold in here, Mr. Bigglesworth!

Yeah, I know, I haven't updated in a week and a half. Now with no net access at home, I thought I would type blogs in offline and simply upload them when I had net access. It hasn't quite worked out that way!

Course, I'm sure my burgeoning readership will be upset. Well, I see at least a couple of links, courtesy James Bow and Andrew Spicer, whose blogs I have been enjoying for a while now. (Thanks, guys! Someday I'll be able to edit my template well enough to return the favour...)

In the meantime, shake those winter blues and drop by Rancho Relaxo (at College and Spadina) tonight for Spookyhorse (more info on singer/guitarist Myke Mazzei's webpage). Or, if you can't make it (or if it's just too darn cold for you to head out), why not come by the Silver Dollar (same area) on Thursday, January 22nd.


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