Thursday, December 18, 2003

"Movin' Out (Anthony's Song)", by Billy Joel

So, a little about me. I've just graduated from Mohawk College in Hamilton, and am entering a career as a transportation planner for a consulting firm in Toronto. On the side, I'm a bass player (see, that music degree came in handy after all!) in a li'l band called Spookyhorse. (Some of the members are playing on the 23rd at a club called The 360, on the north side of Queen Street east of Spadina.)

And speaking of Queen Street, I'll be moving to Queen East at the end of the month, to the Beach specifically. I couldn't be more pleased. I grew up in Mississauga for most of my life, but I think when I went to Mount Allison University in small-town Sackville, NB, I gained a further appreciation for the old-style communities, built before the car started to dictate urban layout and form, and where people still walk places, not because they have to or because they have no car, but because it's just as convenient. When at school in Hamilton, I tried to find an apartment in such an area, but the location in the Beach is perhaps the pinnacle of this. A few minutes down the street is one grocery store, a drug store, and a bus route to the subway; a few minutes the other way is another grocery store and an old-style, quasi-independent theatre. I will be in my element.

The next challenge is converting my girlfriend, who currently lives in Brampton (fortunately, within the old part of Brampton, built when it was still its own small town, the typical southern Ontario model, and not a faceless extension of the GTA). She will likely follow after we are engaged, and is growing to quite like the Beach, but still maintains some skepticism.


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